Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sex Chromosomes Are Transports

in my opinion, at least. wacky? read on.

i hope u know how we are born as boys and girls. it needs these pairs of XX or XY chromosomes, of course. and i supposed it's general knowledge that the X or Y chromosomes come from the male, join together with the other pair from the female and thus, it produces us. for centuries, especially in the chinese traditional families, the men or their narrow minded families would end up blaming the women if they gave birth to gals instead of boys, accusing them for being 'impotent' or 'incompetent' or whatever although scientifically, it is proven that males will determine the gender of their offsprings.

anyway, we had a talk regarding this topic not long ago, and it started with someone blaming his wife for not giving him a son. and so, the convo went smth like this:

me: omg there goes the same thing again. who ask him not to be competent enough? ur Y sperms fail to make it through, so y is he blaming us?

person 1: coz he's important (pun: impotent) person ma. *cackles* his sperms swam around and got flooded in the SMART tunnel. *cackles madly again and i was about to spit out my tea trying not to laugh*

person 2: haha. the he got gals right? bcoz his X sperms use leg to walk 1. that's y can reach fast. the Y got flooded away coz only got 1 leg. *2nd wave of laughter*

me: no la, Y is a pogo stick. *doing the action of riding the pogo stick*

and that's the end of the story.

this is a pogo stick. see, it's even a guy riding on it. so Y chromosomes = pogo stick?

lol!!!!! just kidding larh, no hard feelings ok!

anyway, went for shopping at sunway pyramid last week to get myself some shoes. i wanted the Zara boots that i saw in 1U so badly but couldnt find the right size. But Sunway din have a Zara (disbelief), so in the end i shopped and scout around and i found a much better one, and i heart it sooooo much!!!

pictures below!! oh yeah, it's my amateur attempt in using PhotoScape, so forgive me for the lack of taste in the designs.

My boots!! isnt it gorgeous? bought it at Viss.

I like this type where it is just up a lil bit higher from the ankle. i think those that goes up to the knee look a bit cheapo and make me look shorter (which u need to avoid esp when ur legs are a bit modest in length)

i love it so much i'm giving u another pic of it =)

i forgotten what this is called, but it's getting trendy in fashion nowadays. something like a schoolgal shoes. normally it is designed with shoe laces and black/white in colour, but this looks unique and different i decided to get this pair! and it's damn comfortable!!!! bought it for only RM 40 =)

Adidas's casual footwear!!!!! been eye-ing this for long already. it's like one of the most comfortable shoes i've ever worn.!! it was fitted with a VibeComfort foot pad, so it feels as if i'm walking on cushion while wearing it. perfect for gals for outings if u are hopeless in high heels and want to avoid painful legs =) comes together with white, but the three coloured strips at its side are not so striking as this black one.

Sunway is the best place for shoes, agree?


JessieLinHuiLi said...

i prefer your BOOBS. hahaha...jk..
Zara weh!!! I like it, but it is too expensive for me.. suyuen, promise, my birthday gift this year, ok? OK!! :D
I got a similar boots as urs, but different colour, same style. *wink*
next time we wear together :)

S.U.Y.U.E.N I.S. M.E. said...

reli wor???? ok on ah!! we wear togeda geda let everyone jealous XD
the Zara is not reli tat pricet. rm 129 tat day got sale but i cant find it anymore swttttt...... i saw anthr 1 at topshop tat 1 nicer but the price also ahem.... lolxxxx