Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Buffet =)

yooohooo~~~!! went for a Christmas Promotion Hi-Tea at Grand Seasons Hotel just now. The food were awesome!!! among the highlights were roast turkey stuffed with the chef's special recipes and lamb cutlet. and about 80 more other dishes including yummy desserts. yumz!! we were all filled up to the edge of our throats and were all knocked out the moment we reached home, except me of course, coz i'm still blogging here. i'm a Supergirl!

ok since i'm so free and have nothing to do, let me share a few tips when having buffet and making ur money worth every single penny. i thought about it during the meal. lolx.

  1. This is very important. dont go for a buffet if u're a light eater, or a bulemic.
  2. Keep ur stomach empty b4 going for buffet. dont worry u wont be deprived of any food there. it's enough for u to go hibernating after the course.
  3. Dont start ur meal with RICE! omg u eat that almost the whole of ur life. u dont want to get urself filled up b4 u get to devour other more delicious food. go for those u seldom have, like lambs, turkeys, scallops, mussels etc.
  4. Take everything u can reach in small portion. try 1st, if nice only go back for more. then u dont have to waste any food in this case.
  5. Always save the best for the last =)
  6. Dont attack the food like u've never seen food b4. =="" be patient and relax, coz they'll always refill if almost empty.
  7. Take ur fruits only when u've almost finished. This will make ur stomach bloat and u can hardly eat anymore after it.
  8. For desserts, if u're not a sweet-toothed, avoid taking large portion. as i said, prevent food wasting and u can even reduce sugar level. whatever.
  9. Enjoy buffet with those who can eat like a cow too. it's pretty inconvenient if u join a couple of friends or relatives who are on diet and stuff. they might leave when u're halfway through ur favourite dish.
  10. Sit back and relax after it. u'll see what i mean =)

lolx, hope this helps. am talking lotza crap lately. btw i'm so addicted with Facebook's game (FarmTown) recently. i took almost 2 hours blogging this, thanks to it. XD

gotta go now. ciaoz

Quick Update Xmas

Merry Xmas!!!!!!

My pressies were AWESOME this year!!!! omgggg!!!! will upload photos soon, yay!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Welcoming New Year too soon XD

whakakkakkakaaaaaaaaa Merry Xmas Eve to everyone!!!!!!

Jingle bells jingle bells falalalala~~!!!

been in a real happy mood since yesterday lolx. that's y i take the initiative to blog about it. good things must share ma.

first, christmas is coming, means unwrapping presents coming soon! not that i din know what my present is, but the FUN of christmas always jig me up! ngek ngek~

then it was Avatar movie which really rockx, and i darn mean it. if u havent watch it, then better hit the cinemas as soon as possible, it's one movie i find worth watching after a long while, besides 'Transformers' and 'Up'. watched its trailer few months back and i swore to myself that i really must watch the movie itself and i must say, James Cameron has done it once again, exploiting his mastermind for anthr great movie after the legendary "Titanic". The characters and graphic settings are so convincing u really can believe that they exist for real, as what millions of ppl have claimed for its incredulously breathtakingly awesome CGI-ed effects. though i have to say that there's nothing much to shout about(according to the reviews in The Star) since its release takes place at this era with movies like Transformers and 2012 taking away some of the limelight, and will look better if it is produced few years back, still i give it double thumbs up! (and include my two toes up as well, Avatar deserves it!). I just wanna watch it all over again. perhaps 3D this time. eek, this is the 1st time i ever have the feeling to watch a movie for a second time. bring it on! who has no partner to watch with, call me!!

And i'm so in luff with Jake Sully's avatar omg!!! he's Jakesully(pronounced jek-su-li) and gosh, y does Cameron have to make him look so gorgeous even when he's all blue! lazy-looking eyes and the mischievous grin and all hawt when handling machine guns, i loveeeee him more than Jake Sully himself omggg!!!!!! i even have his beautiful face as my desktop wallpaper lolxx

see!!! all HAWT and HANDSOME!!!!

ok b4 i pledge my eternal love to Jakesully (James Cameron, how dare u play with a gal's heart!!) better stop gushing and proceed. 1st sem's results were out too (at last!) and i passed everything, wippieessss! even dare to say i think i did fairly well too and my grades improved alot compared to last sem lolx. not trying to boast or what, but i am so proud of myself.(considering the level of difficulty, number of subjects *9!!*, and amount of palpitations and breakdowns) u dont like what i said, den dont read this blog. everyone was happy for me yesterday and was especially chatty (love them alot) mom even said she'll give me a treat to seafood soon!! my FAVOURITE!!!!

in the car that night, we talked about almost everything, including Avatar.(XD) one went like this:

me: Pa, go watch Avatar leh (hopeful for a 2nd round of drop-dead awesome Jakesully)

mom: eh how they know that u are buying tickets for ladies price ah? (since wednesday is Ladies night in TGV, tix are cheaper, and i went with my sis)

me: do we look like guys?

*sis laughing her head off*

apparently she meant something else but it's irrelevant for this post.

two days ago, bumped into Panda coincidentally in Mid Valley (she's working there, i'm shopping for Xmas Gifts) and we were all huggy in public lol. i mean, i really miss that gal, man! been such a long time since i saw her. lurve u to bits, babe. she looked so different! with those makeup and new hairdo and formal clothes, i almost couldn't recognise her until she gave me a reaction that she knows me too, only i lunged towards her. chatted about the ol' stuff and catching up with each others' lives. i 1 her to bring me go clubbing soon. yay!

life's looking pretty good lately. Things like this make me happy, i guess i'm just a simple girl after all =)

New Year's coming, new term is just around the corner. i'll continue to work hard, strive for the best and make everyday worth living. i promise!!

wishing u a Merry Merry Jingly Christmas!!!!!~ *winkz*

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Christmas is here....

some update since i have so much of free time for me to laze around and start thinking lots of things, like i said christmas is coming and i've came up with several resolutions. ok, u make these during New Years which are normally blissfully ignored (yeah i did, so?) and then carry on with ur life, getting ready for another new year and make a whole new list again. gosh. who created resolution this concept? =.=""

so for this christmas(and also the new year) i am gonna:

  • be nicer to people (yes, i'm not exact perfect. but dun get the idea that i've never been nice to anyone. i said nicER)
  • be more cautious with my speech and action. at this point, seriously, u cant blurt out anything as u like anymore without having someone to judge and hate u.
  • be a more filial daughter. stop making ur parents worry by giving them unnecessary calls in the mid of their dinners some nights, dang!! ok maybe this doesnt consider as unfilial, but whatever la.
  • care more about people, less about me. this is gonna be hard. hmm... hey i'm not the only one acting like this ok.
  • get a grip of myself. do i really need to quit something i like just bcoz i dun wanna face someone who i have ntg to do with anymore? nah...
  • stop being self-conscious and take matters personally
  • cut down some weight!!!!!! whakakaka i've been saying this for years until it sounded like a slogan to me now
  • get a nice bronze skin. yes maybe i'll start hanging out at some beach next sem break and have myself tanned. is this consider as a resolution anyway?
  • do something different for my 2oth birthday(omg, old dy!!!!! i refuse to get old!!!) like maybe hitting the clubs. *somebody from somewhere: what u never go clubbing b4, and u're living in KL!* whatever..

the list is still counting but i dun think i wanna blog much about it lah. got better things to do. oh did i mention 2nd semester's starting soon? wont be blogging this rate anymore i guess, coz i can actually smell life's gonna be like explosive bombs soon. really busy like the bombs come flying at ur face, 1 avoid also cannot. stupid comparison.

talking bout bombs, i had this scary dream few nights ago...

i was in afghan, walking at this deserted street with some kids in front of me where they suddenly looked down and exclaimed "my leg is gone!" coz they stepped on some landmines. so i was really careful i even squatted down walking as to check thoroughly on the ground for the mines, and the whole night passed with me reaching my secondary skul (which was also in afghan, and i never study there in my entire life) still searching and careful on not stepping on bombs. finally there was a van which would fetch us back to my hometown, but seats were limited. and i started walking real fast to the van, meeting many uni mates along the way and when i finally arrived there, the last seat has just been taken, and the person was waving at me......

k thats all, thanksforreadingbye

Sunday, November 29, 2009


guess what, i dreamt that i failed all my papers except English.



and i cant go to ipoh with buddies dy, coz it clashed with land of eagles.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pharmacist and Wong Kok

so mpa1 camp is over. what's next on the agenda?

IPOH!!!!!! woohooo~~!!!!!

lurve holidays so much. lalala~~

so anyway, today i was reading my Empress Orchid and then mom suddenly stood right in front of me with the freshly laundered clothes, and said smth reli flattering:

"ehh, i've come to a conclusion where pharmacists are mainly pretty girls."

*put my book down, and beamed at her*

"juz now i went for body check up and then the pharmacists at the counter reli very leng lor. got 1 gal, she looks a bit like u. with big eyes, her bob hair like urs, but she pinned her fringe up..(quickly pushed mine to the back and flashed my smile) yaya exactly laidat. and her other fren has long hair which is tied up."

"en lo.. here already got 1 example liao ma. but too bad lengzai obviously don't go for such career."

"yaya.... i guess they have to face the public, so they gotta look good."

i think i could yodel with those statements whakakaaaaaa.

and i SWEAR to god's name that i'll NEVER EVER enter WONG KOK CHAR CHAN TENG ANYMORE!.....!!!!

1st, we were served by a waitress who has no proper manners at all. she came around, looking hasty. and then mom asked her smth about sausage. she looked blur, asked loudly in mandarin:

"sausage? shen me sausage!?"

mom looked at us, asked us what sausage is in mandarin. no response. sis thinking hard, me obviously din have enough mandarin skills to tell what sausage meant.

the waitress started to get impatient and then looked at me:

"shen me sausage? what is ur mommy talking about?"

erm, are u supposed to ask a customer laidat? there is no respect at all. what if we are not asians and some caucasians walk in and mention sausage to u, are u gonna ask the other caucasian to tell u? i dont even wanna look at her, coz, omg for manner's sake, she has bad breath!!! i cannot stand bad breath!! she was standing, i was sitting, and her foul odor can even reach my pityful nostrils.!!

finally, when she got what we meant, we gave her the number for the food.

mom: ok, i want 416.

waitress: alright 417.(notice this: it is 7, not 6)

mom: har? er, i want 416. this 1. *point to illustration*

waitress: ya la 416 la!! i said 416 juz now!

mom: aiya... i old dy ma...

later, we told mom that all of us heard that waitress said 417. walao!! she was the one who made mistake, den still wanna argue. anyway, so what even if she's right? she should not say things like "well i told u so!" and made as if the customer should apologize for their mistakes.

horrible waitress. wait till u see the thing they called as food.(see the word "thing" i used means i dun know what they actually served.)

It is something called "banana pancake."

so i thought it is gonna be like roti pisang or those delicious pancakes i had in cameron highlands whenever i went there. and it is highly recommended by the i-dunno-what-sausage-is-and-what-ur-mother-is-talking-about waitress.

and it turned up at my table looking like this:

this is how it looked like after i stirred and flipped and dug around for some corners i felt was edible. looking at the portion of it, means i din see any. it had sooo much of cheese in it (and not like those cheese u find on pizzas, it is flowing like mushroom soup. ewwwwweeeeewwww!!!!), loads of onions which i friggingly hate alot(is that y the waitress loves it? and the reason she has bad breath?), and NO sign of bananas at all. i saw a teeny weeny bit of the banana, tasted it and ended up gulping lotza water coz all i could taste is the yucky cheese and the yuckier onions. mom was away at the time that thing arrived to dapao our fave milo toast. she called:

"hey, ur pancake arrived liao ah?"

"ya. and i cannot bear eating it. it is beyond horrible." probably if u give it to a starving beggar also he might just sniffed it and threw it away.

and so, i abandoned the whole crap. with a notice:


after we left, we saw the lousy waitress looking at the notice and then her other colleagues also came around. ya, ofcoz she needs them to help her read. coz if she doesnt understand simple english, she definitely doesnt know how to read simple English too. we're not mean. merely pitied other customers and wanted them to improve. lolzzzzz....

Friday, November 20, 2009


U know how some ppl are born with pea-sized brain?

i dun care if this post hurt anyone's feelings or make the whole world hates me, coz i'm reli very unhappy with these pea brain ppl.

being a PP is reli not ez, esp if u ended up selecting an AJK who can give u the worst nightmares. what about getting someone who confidently presented himself during the interview, accepted ur offer fast enaf the moment u told him he's selected, and then u never hear from him anymore? i've sent numerous msg, wasting my time and money, telling him about meetings and camps and dedications and stuff, and not once he replied me. i have to personally find him and chase him around for smth all the time. hey, come on who's pp and who's ajk?? so we have this camp on saturday, and i told him long time ago to confirm he's going anot and yet he still din reply. since it's compulsory for everyone, i registered his name as well. during ajk meetings for the camp, i called him like mad and he din pick up my call. i know tat fucking bastard is avoiding my call. even if he din mean to avoid, at least if he's seen my miss call, he could at least msg me back or smth. juz need to tell me his excuses of not attending. and MPA1's dedication been given to him long time ago, he still din manage to sell them. ystdy i called him personally, asking him when is he gonna pass me the dedication money and wat to bring for the camp. u know what that motherfucking bastard told me?

"Camp, what camp? now i'm back home."
"oh ok, there IS a camp tmr. when are u coming back to coll?"
"coll? no i'm not coming back to coll anymore. sem dah habis dah."


"so, maksud u, u takde pergi camp la?"
"yah, i tak pergi. saya rasa mau quit la."
"sebab banyak project la i tak boleh manage."
"erm, itu bincang kemudian. bye."

he wanna quit when the MPA1 dedication money is still with him and camp is somewhere in the corner and MPA1 has not even started yet? can u believe this???? how dumb can all these ppl be? dumb is not a good word to describe this fella. he's mere a hopeless daft who doesnt have enaf brain cells to keep him as a normal human being. is alot of projects sound convincing? no i dun think so. if u know u have so many projects and u're plain busy, y choose to accept it in the 1st place? wanna show u're reli good and then in the end only ended up like a loser? and y choose to quit MPA1 instead of any other projects? i'm not shallow ok, i have more brain cells than u do. MPA1 is an established college project and u're selected for smth in u, not because of ur kacang sized brain. so now i think if u reli wanna quit, i'll be happy to chuck u off my bureau coz obviously i cannot tolerate ppl with no brains. no more wasting my time and my money. go busy with ur other projects and hopefully the other unlucky PPs who have u in their bureau will survive with such goddamningly lousy AJK like u.

good luck to those who's managing MUHD HAFISZULLAH, he's 1 AJK u'll find happy to work with. oh btw, if u think he's capable to handle whatever work u give him, think twice o. he might do the same to u in the future. dun say i never advise u.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


hoot hoot, suddenly i got the mood (which is soooo rare) for blogging today. left 3 more papers to go, and this actually cheers me up a bit. (yeah, i've been living a life of a deranged zombie for the past few weeks, it's a miracle i still know how to type in english)

so what i'm gonna talk is, anything. if u hate me or this blog or juz couldnt bear to face another boring post of the day, u may juz click the lil X button on the top right of ur computer screen now.




....(checking on nails)




ok so basically u are interested with my sordid affairs.

u know, (no i dunno) yesterday i was having a 3-hour chat with my BFF about almost everything, from uni life to exams to bitching to iphones and whatever u can think of. then she started to mention about her being..:

vonz: yaya, i ben lai also very cute 1 la but cuteness cant land me with a guy in Armani suit driving a Lamborghini also

me: lolz. Being pretty like me also still cant land myself with a guy who has private jets and holiday homes in Miami la.

vonz: how ar how ar?

me: erm, let's go lelong ourselves whakakaa

vonz: ok. let's try ebay. with statement of goods sold are not refundable

me: huh, laidat ar? later ppl duwan buy lor coz the terms and conditions apply (check: armani suit, lamborghini, private jets and holiday homes) will frighten them only ler.

yeah whatever.

anyway, let's stop talking bout boys.

there's this book i'm currently reading it is called 'Empress Orchid'. hold on while i google for the picture of it.

aha, what stress for exam, still got time read storybooks. nah i've only juz started it today. so basically, it's about this gal from the poorest province of china competed her way thru to bcum concubine bla bla bla seduce and have sex with the emperor and finally bear him a son. and with lots of power-hungry concubines trying to plot murders to make sure they get to the throne, leading to the downfall of some sort of dynasty.

yeah, it sounds so much like all those TVB hongkong drama like "War and Beauty". but this is a book ok. language used to describe a story is always much more beautiful. only a few pages of reading, and i've already love it! Anchee Min is reli good in her usage of sentences to picture a scene. i always appreciate those lil details of a writer's imagination. there was this part she described a character who dressed up magnificently but din seem to love taking baths. and she was infested with lice, scratching her armpits raw and crushing those creatures with her teeth.

ewwww..... lol.

and only den i knew an Emperor has about 3000 concubines fretting around the Forbidden City. some din even get to mate with him. urgh. rich guys are so limited during that times, i assume. that's y the gals were dying to get in there. coz even if they're ignored completely, they still get annual taels.

and i bet u know this, eunuch is always a castrated boy coz the emperor wished to be the only sole-seed bearer. lol that sounded so damn funny, but it's the exact words the author used. he din wanna have his sperms being replaced by someone else. sweet.

am gonna continue reading it after finishing my exams. argh!!

PS: leehom's Man in The Mirror is a must-listen!!!!!

PSS: see previous PS, kakaaa

ciaoz!! watching UK gladiators now. i'm soooo in love with Spartan. He's the exact guy i wanna marry. XD if u dunno what that is, u're basically living under the coconut shell.

Thursday, October 29, 2009









Tuesday, October 20, 2009


i hate ppl who love posting all their pictures online and giv captions like "i have such big head" "look, pimples!" "how come my face so fat?" etc. if u know u're ugly, dun put it up lor, for beauty's sake. nobody's interested to measure ur head size or count ur pimples, so plz dun give ppl eyesores by posting those so-called pretty pics that u happily criticize.

watever. i dun normally thrash such thing but obviously, my mood is spoilt by the goddamn lousy college food today. recently juz gained back my appetite after previous sufferings of whatever nonsense the college provide us for meals. and now it was totally ruined again.


tonight's meeting with the mpa1 adhocs. gotta prepare wat i'm gonna say.

bye. class's postponed anyway. and it looks like it's gonna rain soon.

moody and hungry.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Another boring post out of the blues

blogging this after fed up of looking into my immuno notes with no input at all. i should be working super hard now, come on!!! finals is coming omg, that's like about two more weeks, omg. seriously if i dun buck up i might as well juz tell the lecturer i couldnt bear sitting for the exam, it's gonna be a waste of paper.

haiz.. even when i was napping juz now, i thought i was reading my damn notes. but it was juz a frigging dream. see, it cant even let me have my rest, waduh...

and when i signed into msn, i dun see the person i wished to see. whatever la. not that the person will speak to me also. obviously he's too busy for ppl like me. whatever. like i care.

monday blues for me as usual. how come i always have to enjoy myself so much at home and then suddenly got slapped on the face with boring lectures and stupid tests. sien. i want to go for a vacation now. fuck exams. fuck finals.

and i skipped it again ystdy. i guess it's juz anthr consequence they have to face for the bad decision. read me. bad decision. sometimes( no, i mean everytime) i reli feel like quitting. it's juz not my thing to be involved. blame me for being irresponsible? nah, i know what and where and when i should be responsible. and for this, what can i say, sorry i'm juz not interested.

but how to approach them? i dunno. it guilts me to think about someone who has the trust on me, but somehow my heart is juz not into all these thing.

can i leave?

can i??

dunno. i should continue with my studies now.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Juz read someone's blog post about her memories of her deceased dad and how much she missed him. it simply sent my tears flowing. her guilt of not visiting her ill dad coz of her exams, how her dad showered his undefined love to her and the family, his deep thoughts in protecting and keeping his family safe while he's no longer with them. It made me think of how i've been treating my family this whole 19years of living. am i a filial daughter so far? have i done things that made them proud so far, or am i just a parasite at home and in this society?

Humans only appreciate something when it's no longer with us. we tend to make mistake, hurt other ppl without realising, being stupid with ourselves. people always said i'm too dependent of my family, whenever i told them that my troubles and sadness and thoughts are only shared with my family, they told me that i'm such a mommy gal, daddy gal, family gal, etc. i can go to the extend to cancel all my plans and go home juz to be with them, celebrating each other's birthdays, anniversaries, sis's success in her projects and exams, dad's employment, mom's payment increase etc. there's ntg fucking wrong with it. my family is more important than myself. loving them means my whole life. the comfort i feel in it cannot be compared to anything or anywhere else in this world.

i have my way of appreciating these ppl, and i dont want to regret in the future for the times when i could have be with them and i din, when i could have hold my mom's hands but i din, when i could have listened to my sis complaining about her lousy teachers and bitchy frenz but i din, when i could have help my dad to make his cup of tea for him but i din.

i reli dont want to regret.

for the gal who misses her dad, stay strong. whenever u're crying under ur blanket at night, whenever u're looking back at the photos of u and ur dad sharing moments together, rmbr that he's not gone. he lives in u and ur family. he's alive wherever u are. close ur eyes and u'll feel his presence, keeping u safe and warm with his tender heart and spirit
testing.. testing...1, 2, 3..

phew, it's soooooo dusty in here oh man~~!!! when i logged in and i saw the date i last updated here was 4th july. sorry bloggie, for abandoning u for so long time ==""

ok there's no way i can splurge everything out in 5months in a blog. being busy is part of my vocab for this sem, not including all the times when i procrastinated, gave excuses bout connection slow, laptop no battery, tired, haven't bathe, etc when in fact i'm juz too lazy to update in here.

whatever la.

so what am i so busy this sem?

life's pretty good lately. 2nd year is definitely a roller-coaster ride, no kidding. the moment u're going high up, u come down screaming ur head off. and being a senior has definitely some change in uni life. let's hear it from the mighty me.

starting of sem:
-MMP. organised the moral slot. at least i felt more spirited to start my new sem. kept myself busy is what i love, ignore assignments plz.

-pharmacy orientation. woohoo.. call me orientator suyuen. it went on 3weeks, we helping those new kids adapting to pharmacy. it felt a bit weird for me though, coz they're either older or same age as me, lolll....nevertheless, i've found myself a very chio lil buddy. (ps: i'm still the youngest in line, coz he's a few months older, whakaka... big buddy complained that her graduation next time will be full of small kids attending swttt.)

-3 pieces of adorable assignments. on the 2nd week!!! omg~~!! dun remind me about it, tq.

-tests after tests since 4th week. until today. every week, yeah. it would've taken all 9 lives of a cat

middle of sem:
- tests. i'm gonna type this word out till the end of this post.

-and this 1 too. assignments

- pharmily day. performed again this year =)

-cc interactive games. chaostic.

-mpa1. organising camp now =)

-pharmacy's COP. working under my big buddy. tension. whakakaaa

end of sem:
-found time for my bloggie. lolx. nah i've finally decided to do some justice for it, poor thing. and also to those following up my blog and complaining no updates. lalala~

basically that's what i've been up least these are some things i remembered doing. and what has happened with the way i'm blogging, the words and ideas din seem to come up. swt. will do better in the next post. if there's one. coming up next, it's my finals. c u guys in another 1 month, perhaps lol.

oh yeah, am hoping to be able to make it to sarawak this coming sem hols. cant wait!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


aww..... finally the teacher's day is over. marking de end of my two weeks of teaching =) let's start with our grand entrance into de hall. but for me, i was feeling super awkward. we walked into de hall with students at both sides staring and clapping for us. good thing for my dark skin, i was blushing so furiously i can feel burning hot sensation on my cheeks ==""

and i got to sit on the stage!!!! lolx now i know how it felt like to b up there and looking down to the many heads. coz i used to b with the crowd last time wat.... >< as usual the event started with all those anthem singing and finally, the part which i hate most most most: speech giving. during my school days my frenz and i chatted all the way thru the speeches. now being a teacher, i could only sit and day-dream and parayed the thing would end fast. but eheh i wanna bocorkan all the bad behaviours i observed on stage. i'm no longer the teacher of that skul wat so no need worry XD teachers talking with each other too. summor some laugh till so loud loud my mom also went "shhh!" and a teacher was caught dozing off. whakekekezzzz.

next was those performances and award giving. ok ok lar. ntg much special but consider quite entertaining for a secondary skul standard. they had dance, band, choir, chinese orchestra, a boy singing "sway with me" which i tink was the most successful performance of all (his moves and characters were soooo farnie haha and he got the crowd so high=D ), there was a drama too. a normal Cinderella story but their dialogues and way of executing were worth thumbs-up. and the funny boy was in there too lolx.

and i got gifts! can u blif that haha. well ofcoz i can expect it coz wat i heard from mom was the prefectorial board and some other clubs will prepare gifts for every teacher. i tink the main motive was to make sure no teacher go back empty handed, in case some of them can b reli unpopular among the students. mom, no doubt, received lots. i know she's very popular, and perhaps a good teacher as well. bravo, mom!!! she even got a starbucks coffee, hot and nice and ready to drink, omg i'm so envious! the students actually rushed out before the event started to get her a brew of it after she mentioned about how she thought mamak kopi is better than starbucks ^^ mom, i din know u are THAT good. kekezzz *hinting*

it ended around 11am. den we went over to Ancasa Hotel for buffet, juz for us teachers. cool!! de last time i actually joined these ppl was about 3 yrs ago, but i was not a teacher den. de food is average only la ntg special. we had spaghetti, mutton, salad, fish, puddings for dessert and wat else i cant rmbr. took some photos but not posted up here coz they were blur, kudos to my mom. ==""

met up with chrytzall after the buffet. my, we finally got to hang out after so many yrs not seeing each other and she has changed!!! alot.! new hairstyle and she even dyed it! nice, gal=) met a gal named Manni(dunno how to spell) who is fong's fren. we went to cineleisure to catch a Transformers movie. i aint gonna say much but 1 word to describe it: Awesome. *nods furiously and drools*

it was a great day. now i've done my job which i hoped i did it well, i'm so ready to go back uni and start my new life there. new sem, new challenges, new experiences, and with wat i've gained, will strive for better days=) finish packing all my stuff for tmr's registration. even after throwing so many rubbish away, my stuff still looked mountain-ish. grrr.... i'm capable in keeping craps. duh.

hey, i actually missed those kids ya know haha... thx to all of u for being so cooperative and sweet. ur jokes enlightened every lesson together. u've taught me new things and i hope i've implied smth in u too. at least i know ur version for AIDS and y the patients only get to live up to 4 days. it was a lame joke lorrr!!! XD and i love the way my bird looked like, no matter wat u say kakazzz...and i've got new frenz among u guys! yay i love it! plz keep in touch and dun forget to ask me out for yamcha and movies la k. kekezz *evil grin*

for my beloved students and i: gambatte-ne!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i finally realised i have market around the old men too. was at popular yesterday. reading magazines while waiting for mom and sis for lunch. den suddenly tis reli slimy old man came around and asked, "u chinese or malay?" i looked at him and had him repeated 3 times only iunderstood wat he was asking. after telling him, he walked off and i tot case settled. den he came near me again and..

"today no school?"
"where did u study, wat name?"

ok u tink i'm a small lil gal talking to a stranger. but i always talk to strangers and ntg has happen to me so far. and i tot he was the manager of the store or smth trying to make some conversation coz i've been there for quite a long time.

and then.."ur fon number?" and took out his fon, ready to save those lil digits he was quite incredulously convinced i would give him. excuse me even if u have no ethics watsoever, at least ask may i have ur fon num. u're talking to a temporary moral teacher, for fon num's sake.

waved no nicely to him. and he kept his fon and walked off. swtttt i wonder wat he saw in me. i dun exactly look pretty. in normal tee and shorts with my glasses on. and large acne around my face. but i consider him good taste anyway. my advice is clearly written as my title.

few mins later, i heard someone mumbling behind me. looked and saw anthr filthy old guy, looking worse den me in his shorts and white tee. mumbling mumbling mumbling. not a slightest idea wat he was talking. in fact i tink he was a bit loose in the head. din seem to know what he was doing. den he stood beside me, opened the mag i took and started browsing thru. and then continued mumbling. omfg~! i gotta pretend i've done reading and went off. popular had so many weirdos lurking around me!!

went for anthr shopping spree with bestie at midvalley last week. we were darn determined to buy smth from there. robinson's kononnye sale. so, went over to gardens. yeah sale. even with 90% discount i still gotta think twice. but it was at isetan i found my current dream boutique. Iora. fell in love with its clothes at 1U. yeah it wasnt tat cheap but i love the blouses, skirts and everything! so very sophisticated and exactly the styles i like. limiting only 1 blouse from there, i had a hard time choosing, kept changing after one anthr to compare. and finally i picked tis

my gorgeous new lime green blouse from Iora! love the comfortable material and nice design. and it makes me look slim in it. thumbs up! =)
and i dun have this colour anyway.
check out their purchase bags.
so nice for a bag!!!!

that's my keychain. bday pressie from sis
lol i love tis bag. tat explains the reason for the many pics of it.
von dear also got a superb blouse from there. gals, u wanna pamper urself? go for Iora=)
got smth from gardens. so headed to midvalley once more. i wanted a dress. so here it is. found tis sweet lil one in Colours.
look at the pretty floral print on it!!! and tis dress makes me look slimmer lolx..
now i am waiting for my salary to arrive. wanna sew the hole i had in my wallet. but hey, spending alot on things i love is part of me. i enjoy pampering myself =)
ok bedtime for me!nitezzzz

Friday, June 26, 2009


a happy belated father's day to my dearest daddy. u're growing old with grace, and i still love u like a great daughter does. ^^

and let's pay a tribute to the late Michael Jackson, the legendary king of pop. von dear, dun be sad anymore la k. i'll giv u a big wet kiss tomorrow when we meet. *hugz* lol... (von: =.="")

i'm getting into the life of teaching. things happen yesterday that makes me open my heart to notice and feel stuff that i never get to have before this. i look at things on someone else's point of view, and before i realise it, i'm sharing the responsibility, joy and sadness for the students. i never knew with only juz a few days in this school, i actually have such compassion for them.

in the morning class, my dear students and i were enjoying lessons together. i was so excited about a boy knowing how to cook it sent the front few rows of pupils i'm talking to laughing. gave them some notes to copy which were asked to b pass up b4 school dismissed. then my class ended, the same boy came up to me and asked bout culinary courses and stuff like baking classes. omg can u blif it, he is into french delicacies!!! and he wants to learn those pastry making, bread, chocolate, cakes and watever sweet other foods u can think of. guys, buck up plz. if u wanna make me fall in love with u, dun come telling me "eh i can cook. maggi mee, u want?" only. yummylicious. too bad, he's too young for me. whahaha....anyway, everything went well until i went for next class in form5. the kids were anthr nice bunch, cracking stupid jokes with watever i taught them. it was during recess, then i stayed a lil while again to chat with the boys. that was when i listened to a confession.

"how were ur sivik classes b4 this? i asked.

"sux. we cant und a single thing at all. language command not good. but teacher din seem to bother. so we also totally giv up during her lessons. either pretend to listen or sleep. if we have a teacher like u to communicate with us, we're happy. but other than that, we juz simply waste our time away. as a student b4, i tink u've experienced it, dui ma?"

"wo liao jie.."

anthr student pipped," teacher, how long will u b here b4 leaving for uni?"

"erm.. let's say until around july?"

"wat!!? walao, means we'll have lessons for juz anthr few more weeks den no teachers again."

u see they were devastated. not exactly happy to be abandoned by the school having no teachers for so many months and kept having new faces to teach them and then leave. it's like Touch n' Go. how sad. it made me felt worse when the confessed student said in that disappointed look "it's laidat 1 la. we change teachers till we dun even mind anymore who actually comes in."

these kids, they knew wat they want. and it's not being left having no lessons. they wud prefer someone to teach them even in these minor subjects. there were no happy or excited or we-dun-care looks. only dejected. which made me recalled how we sometimes used to groan and complained hoping we have some free time and not going for lessons, skipping classes coz we dislike the teachers or the lessons. it's not how things were supposed to be.

the whole day passed quite peacefully until the form4 class monitor came to hand in the books.
the english teacher of the class saw it, and she said smth that broke my heart.

"this class is very very terrible. 20 of them failed in my english. i told them, i said, u better come up with a solution on this prob. if there's no solution, i will not teach. i will do my work, u will do ur own work."

and then she continued. "i can see not everybody passed up the books."

wtf!!! hey does it matter to u even if nobody passes up my books?? juz bcoz they failed in a language which is not their strongest, u condemned them, boycotted them, forced them to come out with a solution which i tink supposed to be part of ur damn job as a teacher. u're paid to teach them, not ignore them! omg this donkey of a teacher dared to talk to me laidat. she has totally given up on her pupils. no wonder she was late to class ystdy and i had to tell the monitor to find her. and she was not even in the staffroom. she went gambolling around to photocopy smth. supposedly u tink she has smth urgent to do and no time to enter the class. eh come on la, it's ur lesson time. u mean to ignore them juz bcoz they failed ur paper and go on doing ur stuff???? no wonder they have no respect for u! u're obviously delaying all ur work for the last minute and den finding excuses not to enter the class. wtf if u're so not willing, stop torturing the pupils and hand in ur resignation letter!! the students deserved someone better to be their teacher. call urself a master graduate. it's worth ntg if u cannot deliver ur knowledge to the students. fucking lazy. like as if the students love to fail. like as if they're born to fail english tests. i hope ur son or daughter fails in all his or her papers, especially english. den i wud love to see how u can come up with a solution and probably have enaf neurons in ur brain to apply it to the students.

omg, i cant blif i rant over ppl like her.

and the school. plz for heaven's sake. u leave them at those arts classes having no teachers for so many months. 4 fucking months, to be specific! i was telling mom ystdy that my hope is tat the school will be able to find a substitute teacher asap to replace me. plz dun ever neglect them laidat anymore, it's heartbreaking.

my best wishes for the kids i love alot.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


haha b4 i start crapping, lets take a look at this gorgeous face. recently i'm into uploading my photos everywhere. for ur benefits la, duwan ppl complain y i seem to have lack my power in ss-ing liao. swttttt.. anyway, sum1 saw this and said i've turned into a lady. whakaka wat is tat supposed to mean? lol. personally i love this pic. it kinda makes me look like a graceful ballet dancer or smth. dun agree? go away. XD

anyways, u know wat suyuen has been up to recently? no shopping, no. though i wud love to go poking around in Pavilion's Juicy Couture to see if there's any nice bags or blingblings i can pamper myself with. ok i went to take up the temporary teacher in my mom's skul. teaching moral and sivik haha can u blif tat? the subj i hate the most. i scored A for moral only once in my whole life during sec skul, and tatz during spm. and wat the heck is sivik besides being the new subj i've never taken b4? =D

yesterday's lesson was only 1 period. with a form4 class. i spent 10minz looking at "Melindungi Hak Kanak-kanak", the value i was supposed to teach tat day. den the rest of my time is spent facebooking, reading, sleeping, nervous-ing, going to bathroom, yawning, nervous-ing and... nervous-ing. i knew dealing with 16 yr olds are not the same with kids. kids are more carefree and innocent. these ppl, if u do any mistakes, they'll talk about u, laugh at u and embarrass u. eurgh.. dun "ya meh?' me. u're also a student ok. haha.

when i entered the class, students gave me this oh-we-have-a-young-teacher-here look. the greetings part was pretty funny. they chanted it so slowly and having to be called teacher again felt nice. haha but tis young teacher leh she was not happy with the speed they greeted her, so she told them to repeat. lol.

started by introducing myself. 1 of them was cheeky enough to ask for phone number. =="" den someone asked me how i managed to enter UM. and i went on explaining bout the pathways after spm. many seem to have given up the idea of not able to enter uni, and i found myself being a grandmom again telling them the usual thing of "dun giv up, blif in urself, ntg is impossible" yada yada. added bout moral being not ez, but also not hard.

left bout 15minz for the lesson. talked to them bout children's rights, child abuse, wat a child deserve, life experiences and found myself being relax. they were listening, i knew they were. coz i spoke to them in my abysmal mandarin, and whenever i couldn't find a word, they helped me to complete my sentence. well. good sign.... there was a time i mentioned about premarital sex leading to abortion, they started to make such a racket. 38 betulll.... maybe they've never had such open-minded teacher telling them straight about all these lol. there was this particular boy. i thought he looked kinda cute. he was always asking me q. tat helped me quite alot coz at least i had smth to talk about. once, he even asked me whether there's any case of children wanting to sue their parents coz he had a fren wanted to do that. i was like "well yeah...". and then anthr case was i asked if they've watched "i not stupid" movies. and he was like "i got. but i like crayon shin chan more."

me: yeah i love him too
the cute boy: he's my idol!
me: he's my idol too, dun rebut with me.

he gave me tis look of disbelief, dunno whether to laugh or not. and his fren turned to laugh at him haha...... so damn childish la me. but hey, y so serious?

i cant blif i actually "argued" with my student bcoz of u. hng.
and i loved the way the way they said they'd block the door so tat the next teacher cant come in when the bell rang. kakaaa... when pupils came in the class, i stopped telling stories and the same boy said,"lao shi, continue. ignore them." lol. muz find out wat his name is next lesson.
will be reading on Carmen bin Ladin's story(Inside the Kingdom). i tink it'll help me in getting some ideas for next value(melindungi hak wanita). Souad's tale (read this book: Burned Alive) which i've read b4 will be an asset too. thanks, u both ladies!
oh yeah, let u guys see my new ugly eyebrows.

dun ask me y.. devastating right? spoil my pretty looks only. T__T
something random. i saw this in Giant supermarket.

toilet paper sale. the white tag was BEFORE discount. and the yellow 1 is AFTER discount. wow, i saved alot of money!! thanks Giant!

wanna go bathe. byee

Monday, June 15, 2009


with tis, i proudly announced that for two days i went swimming, i did a whooping total of 229laps!! whakaka ofcoz, it's the 25m 1 lar. (i can almost hear some green monsters making faces at me and mumbled "cheh, 229 only mar, very geng meh?") whahaha i dun carre wat u tink, it's a great achievement for me. haven't been training ever since SUKMUM ended. which was like... 5months plus ago? =="" watever.

1st day was 100 laps. whoa, i was dead hungry by then. went to a restaurant near mines wonderland. one of my favourites. the paper-wrapped chicken esp. omg!! i ate like all those ppl who were starved for days. (paisehnyer..) so the 100lapz made no effect in reducing my layers of fat. huarrghhhh ~~!!!

2nd day better. got intention to swim 150 lapz. but c c only 129lapz. sis stopped after 100+ not as many as mine. swimming on my own bored me. called mom and went somewhere for lunch. yikes, anthr few thousands of calories consumed, including my yummie McDonald's green apple sundae. sis was trying to force me into eating my Possessed (tatz my nickname for my most most fave, the goodest, the betterest, the bestest Big Apple Donut-Duren Duren!). tis round, innocent-looking bread with durian feelings in it can actually makes me go ecstatic with the 1st bite. de way it tickles my taste buds makes me shudder. ok so now i'm talking like a possessed gal. and thats where the nickname comes from too. mom and sis also started using it. ystdy mom was like "gonna eat ur Possessed today?" uh huh. no. i wanna lose weight ==""

ooohh..... look at the texture. i wanna squeeze it !

Possessed in a seducing voice, "eat me, suyuen babe. i know u want me.."

anyway, i give up dieting and making myself thin. swimming doesnt help. it'll gimme a bodybuilder look. and i cant be suyuen if i starve myself. i live to eat!! tried some clothes at Comma ystdy. the sizes were only meant for: skinny models and anorexic gals. in de end i only managed to get a blouse about my size. is the economy tat bad till cloth is not enaf, or juz gals are getting more skeleton-like nowadays? haiz dunno. jealous betul. i mau kurus...~~

updating anthr bloggie. byeeeeee

Friday, June 12, 2009


i know u wanna see tis. XD


today went shopping at sunway pyramid. bought my pretty Hush puppies blouse. finally i found the correct size and correct colour, yay!! ok i sounded so childish, summor go "i want, i want!" like 38 gal. salesboy also looked at me and quickly yanked out the hanger for me. *embarrassed*
anyway, it made me happy wat, u dun jealous wor! XD i know u feel like slapping me. i stand here and wait for u to do so. ^^

den proceed to a shoe boutique. not for me lor, i tink i got enaf shoes so far. 1 high heels, 1 gladiator type sandals, 2 pairs for my lectures, 2 for casual wear. cukup la kan. den i entered the shop innocently, no intention to buy 1. mom suddenly, "eh, tis 1 nice!" and threw 1 on the floor. for me. i looked at it. omg...... orgasm! my nafsu membuak-buak like boiling water. it was these super gorgeous white-like-ur-face cream heels. yikeesssss!!!

no i duwan.
yes i want.
no, i say i duwan.
duh, who cares wat u said. i want it.
eheh, u cant influence me. when i say i duwan, i will keep my word.

and i walked out the boutique. with that super gorgeous white-like-ur-face cream heels.

XD i cant help it!!! but i swear i'll have this as the last pair till a few more months. if not, all my shoes will disappear and i'll have ntg to wear. i promise. i promise.....

hunted for my buddy's bday present as well. found smth tat made me faint with awe. smth so cute i cant take my eyes off it. bought 2 of diff types. one for buddy, one for me. even now when typing this out, i was throwing admiring glances at it. ok go ahead and laugh if u want to. but wait till u see it, u'll come back visiting my blog all the time juz to have a look at it. whakakakaaaazzz~~



XDXD *blow flying kisses*

u like u like?? *winkz*

the function hor, u open the piggie's head, and it'll reveal a compartment..

see it????? lolz

u can either throw ur unwanted papers in it and make it as a rubbish bin or...

u can put ur stuff in there (my idea)! multi-purpose!!

dun u tink it's juz too adorable to be true?? XD

u make me happy, litter-bin!! kakakaaaa
gave dad his father's day gift juz now. which i bought from mid valley. eii i choose myself 1 leh.... let's see how good my taste is.....

DANG!!! nice rite nice rite??
lol mom and sis were also impressed with it. said it made dad looked so much younger. aww... i never doubt my taste, man!! it kinda made u wish i'll get a gift for u too rite? lolx ok i'm so perasan, i know. thanks so much for the compliment yah! ^^
let's see wat i can get for mom next. i still owe her a bday gift. daaaa....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


there was this particular dialogue which i really like and most probably has some meaning to me. from Nana the movie. After a long time separated and her passion for her singing career, Nana komatsu confessed tis to Ren when they were in the bathtub together.

"ren, we can't continue to be like tis. maybe sometimes we can meet up, make love, chat like wat we're doing now. but my ego wants me to go on with my career. maybe one day, when i'm tired of singing, when i'm old enough, i'll return to our home with u.."

dun feel like elaborating much. but this dilemma of mine is making me so miserable. ir made me think whether meeting that person today was a correct move anot. maybe yes, at least we're clear of the prob we're facing. maybe not, it made me felt like an idiot. it was definitely not wat i wished for a happy hi-long-time-no-see trip. nobody wished for it in fact.

anyways, dunno whether my misery is obvious on my face or wat, many of my frens and some strangers had the ways to make me feel better. it's funny how things work. normally ppl can juz dun bother bout u and u dun give a damn as well. but when u need someone, there're these tiny lil incidents which'll cheer u up heaps. 1st, after i stepped out of the shopping mall, 2 ppl approached me for charity. 2 different ones. even when i tot i might get conned or smth, i still decided to donate. juz to make me feel better by doing charity, if it's reli for real. (hope so!) one of them, which was a woman, even chatted with me a bit. the other 1, a guy, gave me a cheerful bye. when i boarded the train, i met 3 aunties. one of them were grumbling about the terrible crowd and surely things will get stolen. with my earphone blasting music away, i could hear her still. amused though, i grinned at her cute comment. she saw it, and decided to talk to me. repeated the same thing, den her fren looked at me and said "u all also muz sometimes touch ur pockets and take care of ur bags to check whether ur stuff's still there." lol. funny ppl. again i laughed. my friendliness(whakaka) had me talking back to them. i said "yeah reli very dangerous. juz now i was near the entrance also, but too crowded lar, i moved in here". (and met u guys the funny aunties XD) later when one of them was offered a seat by a malay gal, they started to make fun of her.

1st aunty: "wah, she see me very old tatz y call me to sit."
2nd aunty: "haha u very old meh?"
1st aunty: "eh, 60 smth liao lor me. not old ah?"
she caught me smiling at her. and ask me the same q.
her frens all laughed. i looked at her.
me: "hehe,u still look young o." (mygod, i know how to sweet talk 1 ke??)

they got down at the station before mine. so when she got up, she went "lai, xiao mei, sit. sit."
me: "oh it's ok. i'm getting down right after this." *smiled*
"ohhh.... ok la!"

me: bye bye..!"

in the car, when i saw mom and sis, warmly welcomed me back, sis with her new tomato-styled haircut (she said tat, not me kaka), mom talking bout the new restaurant with great spaghetti they had juz now, i felt so damned good. this is where i belong, no matter live or dead. nobody or nothing has the right to be better than this. when i had my msn on, frens find me to chat. a good chat with my bestie thru msg also made me felt alot like myself again. only left to patch things up now. tatz all.

and a quotation from mayzhee: all good guys are taken. yeah she's true.

wow i actually had the mood to blog today!! edwin, happy now? whakaka. no more dusty dusty blog. help me clean next time k whahaha.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bila bertalu,
rentak di kalbu
hasrat yang tersirat semakin kuburu
bila bergema laungan gempita
harapan bernyala nadiku berganda~
Gemuruh Jiwa, semangat membara...
Dari puncak ingin ke angkasa
berkalungkan bintang berkelipan
menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa~~

6th May 09
Went back to my 2nd home, kolej matrikulasi johor with YW. in that memorable Cepat Ekspres. journey was great coz were excited and chatted all the way about how the orientation would be. being the 2nd intake and having no idea wat the whole thing was about, u can guess i was a bit nervous with it as well.arrived around 11.30am. after registered, checked in and settled down, started our work with arranging some documents into files for the juniors. stared around. HEP, tutorial rooms, lecture halls, the gorgeous dataran temenggung, all the 6 blocks.... ahhhh!! i'm back finally!!!!! misss euuuu soo soo muchyyy!! *smiled*nite was ice-breaking session. met some new frenz in my group. man... was i grateful to know them!! the guys are sporting and funny, esp my leader who is also our senior.(Aiman lah~) so how did we intro ourselves to the rest was we had to do a drama on fairytales. so mine was Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Snow White was Faerdaus (aww man.. i'll nvr forget ur charming ban-cute look when u did the Bollywood-like chasing on the beach scene XD), the bad witch was me (as usual,i dunno y i enjoy holding evil characters lolxx), the mirror was YW, 7 dwarfs were the gals (soli, cant reli rmbr ur names ==""), the hunter who was sent to kill snow white was Azim ("ok i'll release u, if u promise to perform aerobic and gelek dance for me." whakakaka), Prince charming was jeannette, and the funny durian golek was Amir (dun ask me y there are durians involved in here, thanks to the mastermind+director Aiman lolxx pengsan listening to his storyline) Amir went rolling to Snow white and going "ahh ahh pening aku!" which got us all bellies with laughter. he replaced the poisonous apple to kill Snow white. but the story got a twist by giving her diarrhea instead XD so in the end when snow white met Prince charming and getting all lovey-dovey, sudd she farted and spoilt the mood. den Prince conjured smth called........

the pill chi kit teck aun..... just for u...

ROFL LMAO LOL!!!!!and they lived happily ever after.... so the conclusion is... this is an advertisement on diarrhea!!!wat creative minds u guys have. whakakakkakaaaaa7th May-10th Maylet's just summarise it by us having lotza refreshments to learn, cheers, fun games to be played (the 'scariest' was the 1 having us to surrender rm10 each. i tot my money will never return again, seeing them being so dead serious into keeping our money if we lost. ><), in the evening would be the riadah session (poco-poco, chicken dance, j'robik. now i'm expert in those dy whahahahaaa).on 1 morning, we were told to paint the tutorial rooms. extra 08/09 shirts were distributed to us to be worn (thanks, u know i need that). it went very smoothly until i kacau my leader, Aiman. saw him walking and fooling around."aiman, curi tulang yeh.!""mana ada, org dah siap ah."sudd he ambushed me with the roller and painted my hand "dah kotor pun, tambah lagi takpe!""arrrggghhhh!"so i revenged lar, "attacked" him with more paint when he din notice. den the Star Wars battle occur, with us being Jedi and paint rollers as our swords XD soon, the whole tutorial rooms were filled with screams and yells as everyone were painting and being painted by each other. main culprit was the Naga gang (Aiman one of them)it was the best moment during training week haha ("very childish lar u guys!')
*at this time my laptop is repeating Gemuruh for dunno how many times dy*

11th May
Alas, KMJ welcomed its 1st batch of 09/10 juniors!!! my group was in charge with block F (my previous block) and i was in protocol. which is cool coz i got to interact with student and parents and answ all their q. registration day went fine, and that evening was our 1st meeting with the non-muslims students.

12th-14th may
everyday's sleep was around 2-3hrs. woke up around 5am to get ready for the exercise session with the non-muslims. gosh juniors, some of u were complaining of the harsh life just bcoz u need to get up early. hng... but luckily they were very cooperative and things were sweet and smooth. games and refreshments were conducted. applied watever we had learnt during training on them ^^moral sessions were always sharing time for all of us. we answered their thoughts and troubles during then. almost cried when answering a q on being homesick but had to stay strong as she din want her mom to worry about her.(been alwayz touchy when it comes to family issue. guess i wasn't that strong after all). time to say goodbye too coz it was the last moral session with them (14th may)

15th may
Majlis penutupan orientasi. we facilitators performing "Gemuruh". and it was a surprise performance for everyone. which i think was pretty cool coz nobody would be expecting it. ^^ rehearsed some time, touched up here and there, added some faci cheers(the significant faci fighting cheer) and off we go!!! as i was standing the front row, i could feel all of us were so spirited, danced and sang like there's no tomorrow, the burning feeling in each of us as we went "gemuruh jiwa.." and we can feel the crowd felt the same way as us too ^^ cameras flashing every corner, senior facilitators recording every single of that glory moment... ahhhh........... i do feel like a celebrity whakakakaaaa~~ we are celebrities!! as we got down the stage:ingat ingat itu rememberjangan lupa itu dun forgetfaci sayang adik, we love uhanya adik only u.....awww...took photos with some juniors, gave them last few bits of advices, some came to say thanks for everything, gave me hugs (sobz), my LDK group member called and asked me whether wanna gather to have last meeting anot( gawd, u know how much i appreciate that? coz i was trying to fight for the microphone to announce H23 to gather, but good thing u guys were so proactive!! muahxxxx! ) nite was emo. after farewell party of BBQ and secret recipe cakes, we facilitators gathered at JPP room. sang "gemuruh" again for the last time. then arms-in-arms, we sang kenangan terindah. that was when my tears came rolling down my cheeks T__T it's hard to say goodbye guys. this whole journey and u have taught me so much of things. i found my inner strength and wat i'm capable of. i boost my confidence and knew how to have fun, feel the joy when together and pain when leaving, knowledge and experience that no books can provide, gawd reli thanks to all of u. the tears is not bcoz of regret, but bcoz of the sweetest memories we planted in our hearts which will be carried with us forever, and until we meet again ^^

to my dearest LDK (H23): u guys were darlings, u know. though we've only knew each other for 1 week, and only met during LDK sessions, which is not long, i appreciate every single one of u. from ur notes, i know i've done a good job in guiding and helping u all. my facilitator job is done, but i'm still ur fren, ready to lighten ur burdens and reduce ur sorrows. i'll remember how u cried for me when we were about to say goodbye, how u yelled in unison "kak suyuen, we love u!" how sporting u are in watever tasks i entrusted u guys with, it is an inspiration to me to improve myself for the future. and i hope u'll appreciate the lessons u've learnt during the orientation week as well. lub u guys!!!!

Bila yang tertulis untukku
Adalah yang terbaik untukmu
Kan kujadikan kau kenangan
Yang terindah dalam hidupku
Namun takkan mudah bagiku
Meninggalkan jejak hidupku
Yang telah terukir abadi
Sebagai kenangan yang terindah

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


not gonna update for anthr 2 more weeks. going back to KMJ. so the latest two posts are to make up for abandoning my blog about 1month plus. TT

i have so much to update about!! i need more time!!

AEE 1688.

this part is the real mood spoiler during the penang trip. Beware!after a long tiring but enjoyable trip, a relaxing journey back is all we want.12.45pmtransnasional's earliest bus was 3pm. impossible for us to wait for 2+ hours ma, so we went around looking for anthr bus. found one departing at 1.15pm. tis fella told us loud loud that it will reach kl by 4.30pm and latest by 5.15pm. ok lor so we trust him lor. when the bus arrived, wow it looked so grand. no scraped off paint, no dusty muddy body, with "malaysia coach" printed nicely. good 1st impression there. but when i entered, ohmigod tis is a pure horror. gloomy looking seats, with some of them kept sliding backwards bcoz lack of the thing to adjust it. ok nvm i still can forgive that. ants crawling along the edge, i still can tolerate. smelly seats i also can be patient. i wanna arrive kl safely, that's all. 1st, the bus delayed for 30mins, wtf. how to arrive at 4.30pm wor if laidat?? so finally when the bus started to move, we were happy. next, it was travelling at a speed even the beca in malacca can overtake it. MF told us the lorries were passing it like nobody's business. definitely no 4.30pm business. but that was small matter. den it started to stop at several places. and the most tragic 1 was when it stopped at a deserted area for about 30mins. u know y? the bus has broken down, for heaven's sake. so ppl started to get down and tried to repair it. bus driver was being so irresponsible and din check his bus properly b4 fetching ppl. so, we wasted so much time in that stuffy bus. finally when the engine was roaring again, we were damn relieved. plz oh plz, no more breakdowns anymore.travelling in tortoise speed, it stopped again after anthr 20mins. every1 were losing patience. and i wanna curse him properly. then, he switched off the air-cond and open the bus roof. i could smell some petrol leaking as well. so pathetic man.. off we go again, stuffy but at least we hope that the prob was solved. good thing no rain. somewhere in the middle of the highway, suddenly he blasted the honk. guess wat, he almost crashed into a car. we almost met in an accident. i almost din get the chance to facebook and post tis note up. plz, everyone. if u were desperate for transport, dun ever risk ur life with tis killer bus. rmbr the number plate. it's stated at the title. i'm helping u to save ur neck.8.15pmat long last, a torturing 1, we arrived pudu. the moment i saw kl tower, phewwwwww..... lega aku......and the closing ceremony for the "worst journey in history" event was he dropped us in front of maybank tower. actually, i wanted to thank him, but yeah the enjoyable ride he gave us had me got down as fast as possible without a second look at him and the bus. that's all for now. rmbr ah, AEE 1688. dun get hypnotized by self-proclaimed time.

penang trip!!!! 2nd-5th may

yeeehhhaaaa!!! juz back from penang island ystdy after a thrilling 3 days, 2 nites there. trying to upload some photos here, but my stubborn card reader refused to detect my memory card. and my abysmal mind tells me that i've forgotten to bring along the cable yikeesssss................. dieeee....2nd mayso yeah, we ( man fai, jia jen, swee yen, li wen and i) arrived there around 1.30pm, took the rapid penang to batu ferringhi and got a guest room there. it was right next to the beach! ^^ after unpacking our luggage and a quick rest, we went to enjoy the sea breeze. my my.... batu ferringhi's beach is so different compared to the pityful 1 at non-island penang. there were so many happenings going on there, u can see horses, kids runnung around building sand castles, banana boats, jetski, the lil turbo car scooting around and so on. we saw this kid trying to bury his torso into the sand. omg, he's so Q!! so we these group of sampat jiejie and korkor got so thrilled looking at him and started taking photos with him. ^^ photos update soon. if only my abysmal mind improves. sobssssok, so i kept telling myself i wont go to the sea, i wont get wet, i duwan to be covered in salt water and sand, but SY was like 'wei.. wo yao xia hai leh.... suyuen, ni yao ma?" i... i.... i actually wanted to quite badly so wat actually happen was, yeah i went in the sea in the end. XD took chance to drench her and she retaliated. so i was wet also (i could feel my earlier promise is shaking its head. wait.. promises have heads???) then, my kind hearted frens decided to bury me in the sand. thanks ya, this is how u treat a bday gal la har so nice lorrrr haha~ ^^no photos available dudududu~~after shower, we went to the food court near our chalet and ordered some penang famous local food. char kuey tiaw, ikan bakar, sambal sotong, prawn noodles, etc. then hor, our stomach still managed to go for 2nd course lolxxx... so we ordered capati and puri (dunno wat tat was, but tasted good ^^ makan je tau.. XD) pasar malam was on that night too. one thing i realise was, the sellers simply shouted prices, and they were always killing ones. tourist area ma, tourists felt the stuff were cheap, but we local ppl tau u're trying to slaughter us. so we ended up bargaining threatening to walk away if they refused to listen to us. the night came.... but too bad i was exhausted.. so missed my 12am XD3rd mayvery wet day.after breakfast at the nostalgic dusty kopitiam that we dreamt of, we went to bukit bendera aka penang hill. took the trem up the hill, and all we saw there was... mist. raining lor tatz y apa pun tak nampak. nvm, this trip is not gonna be spoilt bcoz of this. was lucky coz when we arrived there, some kind of snake performance was going on. if u are a huge fan of dirty fierce pythons and slimy cobras, this 1 is for u. and i am a fan XDyay!journey continued with me getting myself a tattoo, den we were off to kek lok si temple. along the way to the temple, there were many tiny stalls at the rickety pathway. ppl selling amulets, t-shirts, bracelets, keychains and all those buddha figurines. but we got ourselves neckaces, with our names written on a grain of rice. ^^at the temple, we saw about 50 tortoises about the size of my head. and ppl were throwing veggie in the pond for them. i dun see y they should. basically the tortoises would be so full to their throats they might throw up if they swallow another leaf. so the public is actually polluting the pond water only... up we went again to the temple. the moment i stepped in there, i could feel sense of calmness. the temple was great. we said our prayers, took some pics, shared a wish with a lotus candle, LW bought smth for her dad ( i dunno wat that is, but it was this two biji of large marbles where u turn them around with ur hand) and me banging on the huge huge bell that rang the whole place. wanted to visit the new temple, but the lift to bring us there was off duty ady. T__Taround 5.45pm, we departed and again, we stopped by at the shops, where the shopkeepers were screaming prices as low as possible juz to attract customers. "keychains 6 for rm8!"me: wow cheap lor. cheaper than the one we bought juz now *heartache*shop uncle saw me whispering"y? not cheap enaf? ok i give u rm6."our eyes bulged in shock"nvm, i can also give u rm4!"walao uncle!!! ><><

so we took this bus home and i wanna comment smth on it. not in this note. coz this 1 is gonna be a happy memory for all of us. next note ba. arrived at pudu-8.30pm. y so late? next quotations during the trip:at pasar malam"lai lai lai, shorts for rm28. u can wear it both sides."me: one side rm14. recording a video b4 leavingme: LW, wat do u think of gurney?LW: hoho... best. u reli muz go there with empty stomach.sharing sessionJJ: after exams, i'm no longer a human. XDguys, i hope u enjoy reading tis. coz i have a great time typing tis wonderful memory out. i hope we can still continue going for holidays together like tis in the future. love u all for spending time with me during my bday, tis is the best gift for me. friendship that cannot be bought with money. thankssss!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


was browsing thru facebook ystdy and came across my fren's photos. omfg, she uploaded pix on MASUM man.. i cant blif i actually decided not to take part in such event.!! fuckingly mad with myself. if i actually went for it, i would've been able to meet my idols (national swimmers, no play play dere) T___T but thatz not the main purpose.

the reasons i was so heartache over it was i missed the times when i was in SUKMUM, the anxiety and extreme nervousness while waiting for own's events, the cheers for own teammates when they were competing, the glory we shared together whenever we won, the exhaust felt when we were back in college, the celebration and moments of joy, the pride felt in one's heart as we received the medals, and the idea of meeting great ppl in the same sports field is so overwhelmingly meaningful to me. the most important is, SUKMUM has planted the love for swimming deeper in me, which i've come to appreciate with wat i'm capable of. unfortunately, nobody understood this ystdy. nobody at all. Mom even thought i wanted to enter MASUM so badly juz to take photos. =="""" arghh.... i could still feel the bitterness while blogging this. T__T so i came to a conclusion, that in no matter wat happens, i'm gonna join MASUM next year. even if i've to miss a test or fail my assignment or watever fucking business, i'm on with it.

aww..... man..... (takes deep breath)

gonna train hard hard for the competition. and control my diet. and stop having lots of chocolates (mom juz bought old jamaican dark choc ystdy. practically torturing me T__T). learn my somersault and diving properly. I. Want. To. Go. For. MASUM. And. I'm. Serious.

anywayz on the brighter side, i got my new camera today!!! woohoo!! itz olympus micro 1410. gorgeous yellow. man, i love it so so so much after few minutes in playing with it. mission accomplished. XD

yikes, ntg much else to say. tmr starting class again. biochem test is next. watever.

Monday, March 9, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST DADDY!!! woot woot...!! went to the Ship ystdy to celebrate. dad ordered seafood platter, and the rest of us had Spring Chicken. had a great lunch (tasted mocktail for the 1st time too... damn nice!!!)

got dad a pair of trousers (man.. he likes it, oh yeah~. thanks to u for choosing it yah, u know who u are XD) mom and sis bought him a new set of keyboard coz his current 1 produced intolerable click click sounds everytime got pressed.

newayz happy birthday again. though i hardly (in fact i tink i never did) say this but i love you dad. u're a great person. might not be the best, but ahh accepting the flaws is part of life isn't it? anyway, wishing u all the joy and happiness in the world, dad!! ^^

newayz.. let's c... i havent been blogging lately. no prize for guessing act wat i've been doing recently lolxx..... tests are coming all over again. and oh oh... finally.... MPA1 is over!!!! wuahahaa!!! i can actually dance with shakira's "hips dun lie" now gawd damn relieved!!! on the other hand, i can say i reli enjoyed the whole process la.. esp on the real night. EMCEE SUYUEN!!! XD skipped evening's class tat day (4th mac) juz for the last rehearsal. den bathed and changed into my pretty suit. seniors did my makeup and hairdo for me. oh man they're reli pro lar.... thanks to lixin and sylvia, both of u made me look so pretty o~! *whistle*

Tatz me....~~~

my partner, Ashree and i

event started at 8pm. we both were there on the stage, making pre-announcements. not many ppl have arrived yet, and i felt so weird while announcing to the few guests and to the walls and chairs and tables. =="" stood there and smiled for 1 hour while waiting for the VIPs to arrive. it was.... i'm speechless.... with the spotlight shining down at me, all my make up luntur like t-shirt kena bleach only. luckily i had my technical room peeps to chat with me lolx

so after 1 hour of torturous waiting, finally "ladies and gentlemen, announcing the arrival of our guests of honour......!!" the whole event went as smoothly as my oxy10 cream. was even better than i expected. ignore the fading make up, i was so proud of myself for having the courage of doing smth that i've wished for all these while. only few weeks ago i wanted to juz giv it up, but that'll mean betraying my own dream. and i've juz made everything looked good on time!! ^^

then, there was this mpa2 few days later. at crowne plaza mutiara hotel. the moment we arrived there, i was like "wow.....!" the view was amazing. and i reli mean it. glamorous entrance, beautiful lounge, and there was this gorgeous piano at the side of the circular stairs. aww man....... heartz!

i was even more impressed when a waiter carried a tray with drinks to serve to the guests. sheesh tis was so much better than wat we had in pharmnite..!! ^^ the ballroom was superb and our table was situated in one of the best locations u can ever wished for. juz right beside the red carpet itself. and it was full of dedications XD and i act received roses <3>

ok tatz my blur blur morning look ==""

went to watch "love matters" with peeps tat day at midvalley. gawd, it was such a shitty yet funny movie! XD honestly, i reli salute the actors in there for being so bold. was laughing like an idiot throughout the whole movie. the funniest was that married couple. i dunno who was more desperate: the man kept wanting to "do it" with his wife and complaining bout himself being impotent, or the woman who after listening to some stupid theory on men, started buying all those tongkat ali-typed of drinks for her hubby. swt"" anywayz, it was enjoyable la but my advice is" dun watch it with sum1 of diff gender unless u're very open-minded XD
gotta go out now. oh btw, i bought myself more clothes today. orgasm. XD

Monday, February 23, 2009


ahhhh!!! finally the tsunami ended. 3 killing papers were over today at last, after so many many weeks of pia-ing =="" oh btw, congratz on xiejiao for itz own official blog now!!!! lolxxx...

APK was as usual very meaningless today. watz de point of learning all those peluang pekerjaan and strategic places to set up ur business for a pharmacist, may I ask??? adui.... uni life is not only tiring, but very ridiculous and unexpected too @__@

newayz, today was a relaxed day. ppl were glad tat the tests were finally over. ofcoz, most went out (SS2's pasar malam, mid valley, sunway were among the most popular for UM kids ) and can u blif this:

i'm stranded in college for MPA1's work. wtf!! y did i ever get bureau logistic ah????? its still an unanswered mystery till today. it was the busiest, most time-wasting, most %$*#@% etc etc. do i look like i'm a hardworking person who can handle all these stuff?? if it is den i take it as a compliment. but blif me, i wouldn't wanna b in tis bureau anymore for the rest of my life.

swttttttt. if i could have condemn more, i will. but watz de point of complaining??

nvm. i'll find some time for myself tis week. i muz go out i dun care. come on la... been facing the books till can kisiao tat type 1 u know... i deserve a break..

letz proceed

ystdy's community service was a great success. !! yoohoo~!! it was this programme organised by pharmacy society at Rumah Amal Cheshire, which was a shelter home for unfortunate kids and the disabled ones. i was in logistic bureau, again. But hey, tis is 1 time that i reli enjoyed being in it. ^^

anyway, when i first walked in, there's this rather pityful atmosphere around me. been alwayz touchy with all these stuff. and looking myself and feeling so lucky to be in this state. as they say logistic bureau is like tugas khas where u dun have a proper duty, but juz hopped like a bunny from one place to anthr and helped other bureaus. preparing facilities were also part of our jobs (and that meanz putting up garbage bags around the area. duh~). was so excited with the whole event that i juz couldn't stand still and reli wanted to do smth. went to the exhibition crew to help them with their boards, den oh yeah came the best part: i went to join the children programme bureau. which meanz, fooling with kids!!! it was colouring contest, and i sat with a few kids, get to know dem, guided them in their arts, chatted with them and so on. it reli feels to be back in kindergarten where i worked b4. i missed it so so so much! enjoyed kids asking me wat colours they shud use for certain stuff( "kak, mata kena warna apa?" to which i replied,"apa warna mata u?" XD) juz loved to be with kids larr basically. itz amazing to listen to how they speak on certain things, the q they asked, their laughters, their never ending "look at tis!" when u praised them for their work 1st time. i felt like i'm shut off from the community service and had fun with kids on the other hand ^^.

oh i even taught a kid manners. he saw a colour pencil he wanted from other ppl. reminded him to ask for permission b4 taking, and he actually did. and told him to practise such habit in the future as well. lolxxx.....

den, joined the games session where there was a time when a boy was given a task b4 he can claim his prize. he was to shout "mom, dad, i love you!" . so i was ushering him so much, in the end i stood far away and told him to shout till i can listen to him. whahahaz... i know i'm bad, but it was for fun XD

went strolling to other booths to c wat others were up to. saw dr.mike and his family. den went out to distribute flyers. it was oh man... dunno how to describe. the area around there was a market. it was stinky and the weather was hot. yet i actually went to help the publicity ppl with their flyers. there was once when i passed by a indian mutton seller store, and he had his whole gang of frenz there. he shouted "sudah siap ke? apa tu?" and i had to promote bout the whole thing. and then he joked smth lame like "darah kambing boleh guna untuk test tekanan darah tak?" aduhh... swt me... was about to leave soon den anthr indian old man even asked wat my name is. walaoooooo, run for my life!!!! thk god my fren was there with me. phewwww....

had lunch, den helped the Cheshire Home workers to throw garbage. passed by few of the kids i met earlier. they were so cute, they actually called me and shouted "kak, rajin la!" whahaha.... laughed with them, told them to repeat wat they said kakazzzz.... ^^

after photography sessions, went home. totally knocked out. slept like a pig. but nevertheless, i reli enjoyed the whole day. and to think tat u carried this job with a pharmacy name in urself, it was a very proud moment for every1. we're serving the public, healing them back to health, guide them thru a healthy lifestyle and being there with ppl who needs us. man.. reli touching

late for MPA dy. who cares. gtg XD