Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Temporary Farewell?

why so emo wan the title? yeah la i'm feeling pretty melancholic now. thanks to the rain and TVXQ's super romantic "Confession", and blogging at 1am bcoz cant sleep, not emo then is wat????? *childish*

i kinda miss somebody now. wondering and pondering how she is now. not like she knew and probably not missing me at all, but that's how i am feeling now. been thinking bout her sometimes lately too. but for some reasons, it's awkward to even send a message asking how she is. why? i never knew. just plain awkwardness. u know how u shud sound all cheerful whenever u send those "hey, how're u?? long time no news wor!" messages and i can say everyone's pretty good in it, including me. but not this time. i have no idea why myself. honestly, ever since she met that somebody, we kinda like, u know, lost contact for a long period of time. and to think we used to be so close, it's such an irony situation. Do people really change that much when they start dating?? I dunno, i've never experienced such thing before. i dunno if people will just have time for their somebody, or izit just me being over sensitive?

u grow up earning and losing frenz, but losing them for this reason is not acceptable for me. i sincerely prayed i will not end up like that. i dun blame her. everyone's different, it's up to them to prioritize what they want in life. But i seriously hope she can return to who she is to me, perhaps to realise one day that she still have a fren like me. or a day where she felt so dejected and lost, not even that somebody could help to solve whatever's troubling her, that my name would at least crossed her mind and i, ofcoz, no matter how much i would like to despise her for letting go of me like that, will lend a listening ear and a comforting word. i promise.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sex Chromosomes Are Transports

in my opinion, at least. wacky? read on.

i hope u know how we are born as boys and girls. it needs these pairs of XX or XY chromosomes, of course. and i supposed it's general knowledge that the X or Y chromosomes come from the male, join together with the other pair from the female and thus, it produces us. for centuries, especially in the chinese traditional families, the men or their narrow minded families would end up blaming the women if they gave birth to gals instead of boys, accusing them for being 'impotent' or 'incompetent' or whatever although scientifically, it is proven that males will determine the gender of their offsprings.

anyway, we had a talk regarding this topic not long ago, and it started with someone blaming his wife for not giving him a son. and so, the convo went smth like this:

me: omg there goes the same thing again. who ask him not to be competent enough? ur Y sperms fail to make it through, so y is he blaming us?

person 1: coz he's important (pun: impotent) person ma. *cackles* his sperms swam around and got flooded in the SMART tunnel. *cackles madly again and i was about to spit out my tea trying not to laugh*

person 2: haha. the he got gals right? bcoz his X sperms use leg to walk 1. that's y can reach fast. the Y got flooded away coz only got 1 leg. *2nd wave of laughter*

me: no la, Y is a pogo stick. *doing the action of riding the pogo stick*

and that's the end of the story.

this is a pogo stick. see, it's even a guy riding on it. so Y chromosomes = pogo stick?

lol!!!!! just kidding larh, no hard feelings ok!

anyway, went for shopping at sunway pyramid last week to get myself some shoes. i wanted the Zara boots that i saw in 1U so badly but couldnt find the right size. But Sunway din have a Zara (disbelief), so in the end i shopped and scout around and i found a much better one, and i heart it sooooo much!!!

pictures below!! oh yeah, it's my amateur attempt in using PhotoScape, so forgive me for the lack of taste in the designs.

My boots!! isnt it gorgeous? bought it at Viss.

I like this type where it is just up a lil bit higher from the ankle. i think those that goes up to the knee look a bit cheapo and make me look shorter (which u need to avoid esp when ur legs are a bit modest in length)

i love it so much i'm giving u another pic of it =)

i forgotten what this is called, but it's getting trendy in fashion nowadays. something like a schoolgal shoes. normally it is designed with shoe laces and black/white in colour, but this looks unique and different i decided to get this pair! and it's damn comfortable!!!! bought it for only RM 40 =)

Adidas's casual footwear!!!!! been eye-ing this for long already. it's like one of the most comfortable shoes i've ever worn.!! it was fitted with a VibeComfort foot pad, so it feels as if i'm walking on cushion while wearing it. perfect for gals for outings if u are hopeless in high heels and want to avoid painful legs =) comes together with white, but the three coloured strips at its side are not so striking as this black one.

Sunway is the best place for shoes, agree?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I hope...

... i knew how to make-up. or at least use photoshop. because i wanna make my photos look prettier whahaha!

i am a totally failed camwhorer since i can't even mastered any of these skills. i mean, i do know how to put on a lipgloss, and a lil bit of blusher, but that's all. give me an eyeliner and i'll end up looking like a panda. give me a mascara and i can convince you i will get my eyes glued. give me an eyebrow liner and i will use it as a colour pencil. give me the eyelash curler and i think i will end up curling my upper eye skin instead. give me a foundation and i will just make myself look like a vampire.

i really really wanna learn how to make-up argh!!! but u see, i was born with a sensitive skin and even with just a day of concealer, pimples will be growing everywhere the next day. sad sad sad!! oh god, grant me a flawless skin like those korean girls, glowing and smooth and pimple-free!! or at least grant me a photoshop skill like Xiaxue's!! i want to make wonders with my face wtf. not asking for alot rite? no, might as well just do plastic surgery when i strike lottery.

if i knew how to photoshop, i could make my freckles disappear, my nose sharper, my eyebrows thicker and eyes bigger. and then i could camwhore freely without even bothering to worry about angles and lightings and whatever those things u need to know to look like Barbie doll. Who can teach me??

owh, i just browsed through my laptop and there is no such programme as Photoshop fml.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hey it's the NEW YEAR BABE!!!!!!!

say hello to 2011 ppl! (Hello!) it's the 5th day by now and i hope everyone had a great start ok! back to work, back to study life, it may be the same old thing all over again for some of us (like me eish), but hey, it gets better since it's the new year! cheerz!! =D

forget about new year resolutions, i told myself not to make any anymore, since i broke (or in another word, never tried to fulfil) those i made last year. But i guess, i should just be more concerned about the ppl around me. Not that i am an ignorant bitch all this while, i give alot of love and care, but just u know, try to notice more of the surroundings and the people and everything. I'm turning 21 soon already, time to be more alert and streetwise. otherwise, i may still get fooled even when i turn 50.

JUST HAVE TO BE MYSELF!! (and perhaps a lil better than now. Hello new year!!!!)

Christmas was a modest affair last year. got myself a new Lumix ZR-3 camera (am so in love with it!! ), an Esprit sling bag which looked really chic on me esp since i had my new hairstyle, and a box of my all-time favourite Ferrero Rocherre(ok i dunno how to spell this thing out, i only know how to eat. see, i told u i need to be more alert of my surroundings, right?) chocolates.

My next target: iPHONE!!!!!! but since i just changed a new fon last year, it's kinda kua jiong to change again at such a short time rite? sigh, datin junaidah mentioned on her 1st lecture: we must know how to separate the "wants" and "needs". but somehow we still mix them up and the "wants" overcome the "needs". 100% true. The most sensible thing i've ever heard since i started pharmacy course. but omg, everyone knows this rite? who can resist temptation???????? if ppl can resist it, then the word "temptation" will never exist in the dictionary. ok i'm speaking crap. *slap*

seriously, if i were to list down my "wants", it will be as long as a lorry. But i am sensible as well. i'm just like an ordinary gal, who loves branded luxuries such as Louis Vuitton, Juicy Couture, Coach, Che Che (their bags are like... heavenly nice!) etc etc. But, i dun feel good buying them at my age, esp since i havent start to earn my own money yet. i do have a Che Che Swarowski-crystal watch, but i got it as a Christmas pressie two years ago. if i were to buy it myself, i would be very very heartache. yeah, i'm that kedekut (that's y i was born under the Horse zodiac whakaka) so, i will wait. and frankly speaking (sorry to all Louis Vuitton and Guess and Coach's lovers out there), these brands are not worth being purchased by me because there are simply too many fucking imitations out there!!!!! When u walk around the Chow Kit road or Petaling street or Pudu Raya, u can see many of these small stalls that shamelessly sell the imitation products. And the people who bought them from these places are like, omg who're u kidding at? All the mamats at the tepi jalan strolling around with a cigar stuck at their mouths, fingernails blacker than charcoal, shirts shabbier than others and they're carrying a Louis Vuitton bag????? or a Gucci wallet? and omg, what do i see there, a fake Guess belt, with their significant plastic diamond-encrusted "G" at the front????

and there are ppl selling and wearing fake watches like Baby-G, Guess, Dunhill, Rolex and any other brand, u name it. 10 years ago, when they produce an imitation, they normally alter either the spelling or design or logo a lil bit. like Baby-G is spelt as Beby-G, Esprit as "Espirit", Guess as "Geuss" and Louis Vuitton's flower logo will be modified to look like a spade or smth. Now, they completely copied the exact thing from the real product. What, all these really make the brands look cheap man!!! even if u see a very elegant woman walking past u with a genuine LV bag, u will still think "aiyer, sure fake 1 lah her bag. see also know dy." T-shirts also, have many imitations. a real MNG printed largely across the blouse, and u go "cheh, see the colour and the way the MNG looks, sure buy from pasar malam 3 for rm10 1 lah." or if the person is holding a fake Prada wallet, u may go swooning, "omg, this fella sure has alot of money hor. i also want."

what i'm saying is, if u can't afford or simply too kedekut like me, dun make urself so despo or cheapskate by buying all these fake products. personally i dun feel good holding those stuff. Who knows if some of my frens saw me with it and asked "yor suyuen, u lucky gal, who bought this for u?" and how shud i answer it? bcum a thick-skinned and admit it was "real", or say "no lah, fake 1. bought from petaling street for rm40 only. nice right? like real 1 rite?"

duh, i cant bring myself to say any of those two sentences.

and u're being not fair to those who actually bought the genuine ones for a whooping high price!!! poor thing, ppl doubting their real LV as a fake one. So, say no to fake products!!!!

so, for me, i normally like my possessions to be of brands that are not being imitated yet. i don't think i saw any fake Che Ches so far, for the Esprit i feel sorry for it but doesnt matter, since i doubt others, i dun mind them doubting the genuine-ness of my stuff wtf. see, i'm that sensible right?

hokkien drama started. haha yes i watch soap dramas just for fun. ok byeeeee~!!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Chopped Off My Hair...


After so many months of telling my frenz confidently i'm gonna keep it long and nice and be real girlish, i can imagine them going "suyuen ah, u said 1 keep long hair, y go cut it ler?"

ah i dunno i dunno!!

at the salon ystdy, that guy stylist looked at it and said "did u have a style where one side is long the other side is short?" and it is a yes. It was a pixie haircut which i really love but u see, i've been watching many korean dramas lately and all the girls have these very nice long locks and i want them!! ok back to the salon story. he took the mirror out:

stylist: if u want to keep the original length and just trim at both sides to make them even, they wont look nice. so i recommend u to cut them short a.k.a bob style, den they'll look nice and if u decide to keep them long, at least they will grow into even length.

me: izit? but.. but.. *speechless* erm... ok *falling for his words* oh wait wait, i had bob style b4 and the other stylist said i need to have a higher maintenance on it coz my hair is not thick (mine is fine and thin) so it will not bob out nicely. and my back head is slightly flatter. so u think it'll be ok?

stylist: nahhh.... bob is for ppl with fine hair. *gulp*

me: hmmm....

stylist: u seriously dont want ur different side lengths anymore? it's nice actually. *spotted a stylist with that kinda style*

me: erm, nvm. just cut it. i dun think it look nice now since it's been so long time and all the different lengths of hair are sticking out.

stylist: wat about ur fringe? u want it to be aaa style, or look like bbb or maybe ccc style?

me: ................ (seriously, i have no idea wat this fella is talking about. nobody has ever asked me wat type of fringe i want) just a fringe that can see my eyes tat's all.

and the results of all the confusion..

no pictures available yet. but i look smth like Ha Ji Won in her new drama Secret Garden. swt die me wtf. i still like my pixie cut the best. annyong long hair sobs!!! and to make things worse, i suddenly remembered that PharmNight is coming oh no oh no oh noooooooooo!!!!!! how to look girlish and pretty now sighhhhhzzzz. can someone grant me harry potter magic ability bcoz his hair could grow overnight when the style displeased him? fml

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Can Has Free Tickets! XD

i wanna blog today because i have the mood to. which comes every 2 months poor thing. omo only 4 more days to finals eeeeekkkk *bite nails chew skin* no no i'm not blogging on it dun worry.

Juz visited my good fren in hospital today. finally she had her surgery after having the nagging lump in her throat for so long time. since secondary skul when i knew you babe!!! anyway, it's good thing the surgery's successful, u'll look prettier now my dear! hope that sexy husky voice u have remain too kyahahaha =) take good care and the next time when u read this post, u're all healthy and pretty already *,*

am so so so ecstatic until my English goes all upside down inside out wrong (check title) because omg, i got 4 free tickets to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 omg i am gonna pee in my pants by thinking bout it! u wondering how? ahahaha because Daniel Radcliffe is my bf and he sends me those tix specially for me.

Nah juz kidding i dun even like him that much. i won those tickets from RedFM lah, that's lucky or wat, u say? =DDDD they were giving free cinepasses this week and i thought i should juz try out my luck in it. Knowing my style, i would probably give up after the 2nd try because hell yeah, i only succeeded after the 3rd time!!! dunno where i got all those keazaman and keinginan and ketabahan and whatnot. i was juz commenting about how difficult it is to get through those tickets because they want the lucky 9th person's sms and it's like, u gotta hit the correct time to press the SEND button on ur fon. at the precise, correct time so it means u have to be the luckier person than others in the whole Malaysia who're listening to RedFM at that moment and clicking away at the same time. and it's Harry Potter my dear, not some junk they're giving out where u might be the only one sms-ing in and even if u're not the 9th lucky person u still got chosen because obviously, there's no other ppl going for it.

so on my 3rd try, with not much expectation, i got a PHONE CALL FROM the DJ woohooo~~~!!!! she asked me y do i wanna watch harry potter so i went on saying stuff like "oh oh i reli love harry potter i read their books since i was very young bla bla bla" (so if u think this sounded familiar to u, yeah that's me) i was so dead nervous and hopping around like bunny i dun even know whether i was answering her q or not. when i finally listened back to how and what i sounded like in the broadcast few minutes later, i must say it was as if someone is presenting me with that rare pink diamond worth some hundred million US dollars. i even said "OMG i finally won it!" yes i am that happy coz i am a lucky gal lol!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Random random

got jammed a while thinking of my password. problems with ppl who abandoned their blogs and not even bother to look in sometimes. anyway back again. life is pretty simple recently. Pharmily Day's just ended. seriously speaking i can only feel half a joy throughout the event. i guess i'll feel more satisfied if i get to contribute more than juz collecting funds and waiting for ppl to claim money from me. (yep, i was the treasurer. High committee sounds good, but i would prefer work than name. anyway it was a great success.

attended kimi's 21st birthday last friday. Happy birthday babe i lub u so so much =) it was a simple yet meaningful gathering among us ex-st. marians at pastry chef (somewhere near desa park with lots of cakes and desserts as their main course). Although motly attended are kimi's former classmates and her former collegemates who i am not close with, i get to meet anthr of my bestie, Taufu!! really missed chatting and catching up with them. i felt the happiest when i'm with people like them, always. my old pals. looking at them and also the rest of the noisy fun-loving play 18SX-games gals there, it really reflects to me how different having them and the frenz i have in uni. they are like the opposite in so many aspects. no wonder ppl always said, appreciate frenz from ur secondary skul life coz that is the period where u enjoyed the most. positively true. u can really be urself when u're with them. they are the ones who u can show ur most childish and idiotic sides where they are forbidden in the eyes of others. coz we knew each other when we were all young and still growing. we can make ourselves silly, coz we are silly people back then in skul. which makes me think of my other bestie kki, who mentioned Hukum Nikyuen few weeks ago. i almost died from missing those moments we created that stupid law (which involve very difficult formulas to calculate the velocity of urine) and started bragging with each other that it will be made the compulsory subject in skul and kids will dread learning it, complaining how crazily difficult it is to their brains. yes, i dun think so i have the confidence in finding anyone to create such nonsense with me now anymore.

still, it is part and parcel of life. the past is to be cherished, not to be looked back. i have to grow. everyone has to grow.

now for something more trivial, i've been making some plans for my future. i ought to really start improving myself in my course. it burdens me if ppl told me i can cope in my studies no matter how much i complain about it. i mean, it's not like spm or pmr or watever exams we have in skul. it is not addmaths where u can juz use ur calculator and do alot of exercises. It is not like biology where u can juz memorize and understand things like photosynthesis. Or BM where u can juz learn ur tatabahasa or answer some prosa tradisional questions. pharmacy is a challenge for me. it has never been my choice to be in pharmacy. *hits self for not having an ambition* 3rd year is the clinical year, the key that i have to gain in order to serve others in future. but it is not helping me when i couldnt remember what i have been learning for the past 2 years. like it or not, i shud buck up. not being kiasu, but i seriously need to improve. i dont wish to be like those doctors (i am not gonna be one, juz taking it as an example) who diagnose patients wrongly and later being laughed at by the society. (who in my opinion are so smart nowadays they might even correct u ppl if u made slight mistakes). once i had these rashes all over my skin and the doctor said i have psoriasis. swt die me. summor ask me whether i have backbone pain anot fhl. so erm ya, i really duwan to be like him. i duwan to give out the wrong prescriptions and having other pharmacists or worse, aunties uncles to shout at me "bodoh punye pharmacist bagi ubat salah! u dari mana datang!?"

so this is what i have been thinking recently. i am scared. u see? and there are some messy dirty people who get on my nerves lately. for one thing i really cannot stand seeing a place where i stay to be not in order. it depresses me a few months already, having to come back to a place which is so crazily messed up. it is bad enough to see such condition, but having my own place made dirty and messy by these certain kind of people is taking a great toll on my patience ftl. it's really sickening having to clean up their mess for them. i am not complaining, coz i do the cleaning up all the time. it's juz that i hope from my actions, these people will learn that there are some disgustingly unhealthy habits they really need to change. but a person's character is not to be changed in a day's time.

these kinda things are bothering me alot it drives me mad. sighs. but there is one person who i can depend on whenever i have things to confide into. on the way back home today, mom saw how miserable i was with my week having to tolerate these things and also other matters plus my mood swings, she stopped by at the roadside to buy us cendols. what would i do without her? i think i have the answer. i'd juz die.